Amsler Grid

What is an Amsler Grid?

The Amsler Grid is a tool used to monitor your central vision. It is a small square grid with a fixation dot in the middle of the grid. Some grids may have an “X” going through it.

Who should use it?

Any patient may use this grid. However, it is especially important that Diabetic and Macular Degeneration patients use it, as they have an increased risk for developing changes in the macula that will affect their central vision.

How do I use it?

If you wear glasses or reading glasses, make sure you are wearing them. If you wear bifocal glasses, be sure you are looking through the reading part of the lenses.

Place the grid approximately 12 inches from you at eye level.

Cover one eye, and concentrate on the central dot in the center of the grid.


Ask yourself:

  • Do I see all 4 corners of the big square?
  • Do I see all the little squares within the big square?
  • Are any of the lines in the grid wavy, or broken?
  • Are there any spots on the grid that are blurry, missing, or broken?

If you notice any distortion or wavy lines on the grid with either eye, call our office immediately to set up an appointment for a dilated retinal exam.